My information about the Platform Engineering

The discipline of designing and building toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineering organizations in the cloud-native era. Platform engineers provide an integrated product most often referred to as an “Internal Developer Platform” covering the operational necessities of the entire lifecycle of an application.

General Information



  • Open Application Model [OAM]: Brings modular, extensible, and portable design for modeling application deployment with higher level yet consistent API.
  • Zero Trust Architecture: Strategic approach to cybersecurity that secures an organization by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of a digital interaction.
  • Internal developer platform (IDP): An IDP consists of many different techs and tools, glued together in a way that lowers cognitive load on developers without abstracting away context and underlying technologies.


Non-Technical Challenges of Platform Engineering
Platform Engineering: DevOps Evolution or a Fancy Re-name?




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