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My information about the Platform Engineering

The discipline of designing and building toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineering organizations in the cloud-native era. Platform engineers provide an integrated product most often referred to as an “Internal Developer Platform” covering the operational necessities of the entire lifecycle of an application. General Information Tools Definitions Videos Links Books Enjoy!!!

When you need to put a *ops in your Live

In the last years it has been appearing a lot of strategies about *ops in all the ecosystems of IT. You can begin with DevOps, follow with FinOps and finish with ApiOps. Now its time to put in order all this concepts and leave them in one place. And this posts is the Solution for […]

Kubernetes User Case Studies

A big place with references of Kubernetes. With companies like Bose, IBM o eBay. Read the case studies and the solutions installed for this companies. Enjoy!!!