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My information about the Platform Engineering

The discipline of designing and building toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineering organizations in the cloud-native era. Platform engineers provide an integrated product most often referred to as an “Internal Developer Platform” covering the operational necessities of the entire lifecycle of an application. General Information Tools Definitions Videos Links Books Enjoy!!!

When you need to put a *ops in your Live

In the last years it has been appearing a lot of strategies about *ops in all the ecosystems of IT. You can begin with DevOps, follow with FinOps and finish with ApiOps. Now its time to put in order all this concepts and leave them in one place. And this posts is the Solution for […]

Information about ROI and IRR

Description Of ROI (Return Of Investment) Wikipedia: Return on investment (ROI) or return on costs (ROC) is a ratio between net income (over a period) and investment (costs resulting from an investment of some resources at a point in time). A high ROI means the investment’s gains compare favourably to its cost. As a performance […]

What Is a Bear Market?

Investopedia Definition: A bear market is when a market experiences prolonged price declines. It typically describes a condition in which securities prices fall 20% or more from recent highs amid widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment. Bear markets are often associated with declines in an overall market or index like the S&P 500, but individual […]

What Is a Bull Market?

The Balance Definition: A bull market is the condition of a broad market or a single market in which prices are continuously rising. Investors make money at any price at which they buy an investment because prices generally continue to rise. The bull market is the type most desired for the majority of investors. If […]

What is EMA in stocks?

The exponential moving average is a technical indicator used for trading practices to measure trend direction over a time period and reacts more to recent prices. An exponential moving average, also known as exponentially weighted moving average places higher weightage on the most recent data points. Unlike a simple moving average (SMA), an exponential moving […]

Vía el Conficencial: ¿Qué pasa cuando se corta uno de los cables submarinos que nos conectan por internet?

Un poco viejo pero interesante artículo de El Confidencial sobre que podría pasar si se corta un cable submarino. Aparte nos cita ejemplos de sabotajes sobre esto mismo. Muy recomendable su lectura: ¿Qué pasa cuando se corta uno de los cables submarinos que nos conectan por internet?. Enjoy!!!

AWS publica la tercera edición de Cloud Adoption Framework

El pasado 22 de noviembre, Amazon publicó su tercera edición de AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. Pensado íntegramente para tener un marco de trabajo que permita administrar, gestionar y generar la migración al cloud, el AWS CAF 3.0 es un gran referente dentro del mercado para analizar como dar el paso a la nube o marcar […]

La Pirámide del Exito de John Wooden

En los primeros capítulos de la serie Ted Lasso, se puede ver un cuadro donde se especifica la pirámide del Éxito de John Wooden. John Wooden fue primero un jugador y posterior entrenador de basket con una brillante carrera donde ganó 10 veces en un periodo de 12 años el campeonato NCAA como entrenador en […]

Wunderlist goes away on May 6th, 2020 – Good bye my friend!!!

He estado trabajando con Wunderlist durante mucho, mucho tiempo y hoy he recibido una que creo triste noticia. Microsoft cierra en Mayo de 2020 Wunderlist para pasarlo a To Do según un correo informativo: We have some important news for you. Wunderlist is shutting down on May 6th, 2020. We hope that our new app, […]