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Documentación sobre la API y desarrollo en Softlayer

Links y documentación sobre la API, desarrollo y automatización en Softlayer: API Softlayer API Reference Softlayer API Examples Source code Examples and Resources Softlayer CLI SoftLayer API Python Client 5.0.1 SoftLayer API Python Client Issues SoftLayer API Source code Client SoftLayer API Client for Java Others White label portal in Ruby (Stratos) SoftLayer Developement Network […]

Arquitecture Examples of Softlayer

Great examples about different types of arquitectures to configure in Softlayer. You can access to this Information in SoftLayer Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator and selecting in the Load a sample configuration that you can adjust to your requirements pull-down menu the best option for you: A01-1/2: High Availability within Data Center; Shows how to configure […]

A Practical Approach to Cloud IaaS with IBM SoftLayer (Book)

Preface This IBM® Redbooks® publication is based on the Presentations Guide of the course A Practical Approach to Cloud IaaS with IBM SoftLayer, which was developed by the IBM Redbooks team in partnership with IBM Middle East and Africa University Program. This course is designed to teach university students how to build a simple infrastructure as a service (IaaS) […]