Informe Bankia Índicex 2017

Informe realmente interesante sobre la La digitalización de las pymes en España realizado por Bankia. Realmente recomendable su lectura: Informe Bankia Índicex 2017 Enjoy!!!  


Ahead in the Cloud: Best Practices for Navigating the Future of Enterprise IT

Cloud computing is the most significant technology development of our lifetimes. It has made countless new businesses possible and presents a massive opportunity for large enterprises to innovate like startups and retire decades of technical debt. But making the most of the cloud requires much more from enterprises than just a technology change. Stephen Orban … Continue reading Ahead in the Cloud: Best Practices for Navigating the Future of Enterprise IT

All the systems need a Simian Army

Published at on July 19, 2011, Netflix explain a tool that randomly disables their production instances to make sure to survive a failure. With an army of 7 kinds of "soldiers" everyone have a specific job: Latency Monkey induces artificial delays in our RESTful client-server communication layer to simulate service degradation and measures if upstream … Continue reading All the systems need a Simian Army

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions (Summary)

The best solution to migrate your infrastructures to a public cloud is IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. With three flavors, IBM offer the possibility to integrate your Data Center in hybrid environment easily and fast. You can select from: VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud: Standardized compute virtualization service that combines IBM Cloud bare metal … Continue reading IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions (Summary)

DB2 Bluemix flavors; limitless possibilities

The IBM cloud Catalog provide three flavors of DB2 Database: The description of every option is: Db2 Hosted: IBM Db2 Hosted lets you run Db2 with full administrative access on cloud infrastructure. It eliminates the cost, complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure. Db2 On Cloud: A fully-managed cloud SQL database. Powered by a turbo-charged Db2 … Continue reading DB2 Bluemix flavors; limitless possibilities