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Instalación de GitLab y Jenkins en una misma máquina – Error 502

He realizado la instalación de GitLab y Jenkins en la misma máquina, y me he encontrado con que GitLab ha dejado de funcionar apareciendo el mensaje “Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond”.

Instalando Owncloud en mi Raspberry

Hoy me he decidido a consolidar todos mis documentos en una sola herramienta y que mejora que en Owncloud. Owncloud es una solución que permite instalar de forma fácil y realmente óptima un repositorio de información donde almacenar documentos e imágenes. Para la instalación he seguido los siguientes pasos: Installing ownCloud Community Edition Install package […]

BeerSecOps – EP09: Gene Kim

Steve Giguere @_SteveGiguere_ of Aqua Security met with Gene Kim @RealGeneKim to discuss his personal experiences surrounding the core tenets of his new book the “Unicorn Project”, some of the difficulties as an author, and his experience with DevOps research. Gene Kim is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researcher, and multiple award-winning CTO. He […]

Serverless journey of

Read how to Lego converted its shop from a traditional infrastructure to a Serverless platform with AWS: The link to the original document: serverless journey of Enjoy!!!

RedHat OpenShift Training RoadMap

If you are interesting in the OpenShift Training, This is the road map of certificates and courses that you can find in RedHat Training & Certification Web Site: Enjoy!!!

The race is on to dominate quantum computing – The Economist (Subscrition)

Great article about the future of the quantum computing in the Economist (you need subscription to read it). With the promise of outclassing even the world’s fasters supercomputers, The Economist thinks about the future of this technology. It explain the competition about the quantum between companies like IBM, Google or Microsoft and the quantum situation […]

Nos vemos en Red Hat Forum España 2018

Gran evento de Red Hat en Madrid para el próximo día 30 de Octubre de 2018.   Mas información en la Web de Red Hat: Red Hat Foruem España 2018 Enjoy!!!  

La nueva herramienta de IBM para la gestión multicloud

El pasado miércoles presentaba IBM en Barcelona la que es su nueva herramienta de gestión multicloud: IBM Multi-cloud Manager V3.1. Dicha herramienta viene a cubrir el segmento de gestión de múltiples plataformas cloud, tanto públicas como privadas, y el despliegue de nuevas máquinas entre dichas plataformas. La demo de gran interés establece altas espectativas a […]

Ahead in the Cloud: Best Practices for Navigating the Future of Enterprise IT

Cloud computing is the most significant technology development of our lifetimes. It has made countless new businesses possible and presents a massive opportunity for large enterprises to innovate like startups and retire decades of technical debt. But making the most of the cloud requires much more from enterprises than just a technology change. Stephen Orban […]

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions (Summary)

The best solution to migrate your infrastructures to a public cloud is IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. With three flavors, IBM offer the possibility to integrate your Data Center in hybrid environment easily and fast. You can select from: VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud: Standardized compute virtualization service that combines IBM Cloud bare metal […]