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Concepto de CAPEX & OPEX

Hace tiempo que el concepto de CAPEX & OPEX corre por algunos proyectos en los que estoy implicado. Debido a ello me he decidido a buscar algo de información y relacionar estos conceptos de negocio directamente con el entorno IT. Pero primero busquemos una descripción de cada uno de ellos:

IBM Type of audits

Found in: Book to floor audit In this type of audit, the auditor chooses a selection of assets in the data center. The auditor then attempts to find those assets. The main purposes for this type of audit are compliance and to ensure that no assets are missing. Asset Inventory Management Services for WebSphere Sensor Events supports […]

How to create horizontal lines in excel charts?

Some times I need create fixed horizontal lines in excel charts, to indicate threshold for example. This is my easy procedure to put this kind of lines: Step 1) Put the threshold values in a 2 Cells of Excel. These are the start and end values