How to create horizontal lines in excel charts?

Some times I need create fixed horizontal lines in excel charts, to indicate threshold for example.

This is my easy procedure to put this kind of lines:

Step 1) Put the threshold values in a 2 Cells of Excel. These are the start and end values

Gráfico 1

Step 2) Create the chart with a data array

Gráfico 2

Step 3) Add a new range with the 2 values of the threshold. Select the cells of the thresold values, with the titles, to copy and paste special like a new serie.

Gráfico 3

Gráfico 4

Step 4) Now you must change el kind of series graph:

Gráfico 5

Gráfico 6

Step 5) And you will have this chart

Gráfico 7

Step 6) Change the options of the axis to arrive to the end of the chart

Gráfico 8

Step 7) Delete the secondary axis and you’ll have the desired graphic

Gráfico 9


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