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General Global Infraestructure
IBM Cloud  Hybrid Cloud Management at IBM
IBM Cloud Documentation  Stratos White Label Softlayer Portal
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator  SoftLayer Design Decision Tool
 IBM Cloud Reference Architecture (CCRA)  Legal – Cloud Services Terms
 2017 IBM Annual Report  Softlayer libraries
 Digital Technical Engagement  Cloud Arquitecture Center
Networking Compute Storage Databases
Part 1 – Learning Vyatta High Bandwidth Servers IBM Cloud Object Storage IBM Cloud for Oracle Solutions
Part 2 – Installing VyOS  High-speed data transfer  DB2 Bluemix flavors
Part 3 – Configure VyOS  COS Documentation
Part 4 – SSH, DSL4.4 & Windows 7 and Routing through VyOS  COS Open Trial Available
Application Services Watson SAP  Others
 IBM Cloud Video IBM Watson IBM Cloud for SAP Applications  IBM Cloud Garage Method
Container Service IaaS certified 4 SAP HANA  Bluemix Service Credits
IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions  SAP – Certified IaaS Platforms  IBM Cloud Automation Man.
 VMware HCX on IBM Cloud


Courses Workshops Certifications  Others
Softlayer Training Breaking Cloud  Certifications Seminarios Gratuitos
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