Monthly Archives: April 2020

How to configure VNC on Raspberry

Informatión about how to install and configure VNC on my raspberry 4. I failed to remote connect to Raspberry Pi 3 from Ubuntu I’ll put more information in a short time. Enjoy!!!

How to Install OpenNebula MiniOne on Debian 10

I’ve had problems installing MiniOne of OpenNebula in Debian 10, following the steps of the kick-star guide. The original steps are: wget ‘’ sudo bash minione The first step works correctly but the second one has the next error when you executing it: jrv@nostromo:~/Documents/uoc/pec2/pregunta1$ sudo bash minione [sudo] password for jrv: ### Checks & detection […]

Probando el SMTP mediante telnet

Siguiendo, como ejemplo, el siguiente link: Use Telnet to test SMTP communication on Exchange servers: Me conecto a mi relay local: telnet 25 Trying xx.xx.xx.xx… Connected to Escape character is ‘^]’. 220 ESMTP Me conecto al servidor que enviará el correo: EHLO 250-8BITMIME 250 SIZE 104857600 Indico el Sender: MAIL […]