Problems with my Apple Wireless Keyboard (2007)

I love this product. I’ve been working with it for along of time and the last week I lost all my hope when I change the batteries and the keyboard died.

After I’d been changed the batteries for 3 or 4 times and I’d checked all the keys then I found the next procedure to solve the problem:

  1. Take all Batteries Out.
  2. Roll up a small piece of Tin Foil about the size of a Pea.
  3. Drop the Tin Foil Ball down the Battery Compartment.
  4. Put your Batteries Back In.
  5. You should have a Working Keyboard.
  6. This worked for several people on here including me.
  7. I’m still running 2 months later with my rolled up piece of Tin Foil in my Battery Compartment.
  8. I know it sounds Crazy. That’s what I first thought.
  9. Apparently Apple did not make the + Terminal Inside the Keyboard correctly.
  10. Try it. What have you got to lose?

And then It works to me. Now I’m writing this post with my great keyboard again.

I found this “solution” on Wireless keyboard won’t turn on after changing battery

Enjoy!!! (With yout Old Apple Keyboard ;-)).

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