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The race is on to dominate quantum computing – The Economist (Subscrition)

Great article about the future of the quantum computing in the Economist (you need subscription to read it). With the promise of outclassing even the world’s fasters supercomputers, The Economist thinks about the future of this technology. It explain the competition about the quantum between companies like IBM, Google or Microsoft and the quantum situation […]

Nos vemos en Red Hat Forum España 2018

Gran evento de Red Hat en Madrid para el próximo día 30 de Octubre de 2018.   Mas información en la Web de Red Hat: Red Hat Foruem España 2018 Enjoy!!!  

La nueva herramienta de IBM para la gestión multicloud

El pasado miércoles presentaba IBM en Barcelona la que es su nueva herramienta de gestión multicloud: IBM Multi-cloud Manager V3.1. Dicha herramienta viene a cubrir el segmento de gestión de múltiples plataformas cloud, tanto públicas como privadas, y el despliegue de nuevas máquinas entre dichas plataformas. La demo de gran interés establece altas espectativas a […]

All the systems need a Simian Army

Published at on July 19, 2011, Netflix explain a tool that randomly disables their production instances to make sure to survive a failure. With an army of 7 kinds of “soldiers” everyone have a specific job: Latency Monkey induces artificial delays in our RESTful client-server communication layer to simulate service degradation and measures if upstream […]

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions (Summary)

The best solution to migrate your infrastructures to a public cloud is IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. With three flavors, IBM offer the possibility to integrate your Data Center in hybrid environment easily and fast. You can select from: VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud: Standardized compute virtualization service that combines IBM Cloud bare metal […]

TortoiseSVN icons not showing up under Windows 7

Windows can only show a limited number of Overlay Icons (15 total, 11 after what Windows uses). Programs like Office Groove, Dropbox, Mozy, Carbonite, etc, will hijack a bunch of the 11 possible overlay icons (boy would it be nice if Microsoft upped the number of these as the number of applications that use them […]

My Name Server Convention

After years inventing the name of my servers, I had used a lot of methods and tactics about it. From South Park Names😉 until more practical conventions.

Creación de una máquina virtual en Softlayer basada en una plantilla de VyOs

El siguiente post se basa en la instalación de una máquina con sistema operativo VyOs para utilizar dicha máquina como Firewall de aquellas máquinas que se vayan incluyendo dentro de la cuenta de Softlayer correspondiente. Lo interesante es crear, mediante una máquina Virtual Pública, un firewall con el que tenga las dos “patas” de red: […]

HOL-1706 – IBM Cloud – Softlayer: Order and Build an SDDC Foundation

Hands-on Labs interactive to simulate how to order a Softlayer Bare Metal Server witch VMWare. (Link) More vmware Hands-on Labs on This Link Enjoy!!!

Zerto:Resistencia para la Evolución de TI

Zerto: Interesantísima herramienta para la replicación de máquinas virtuales, tanto VMWare como Hyper-V. También a tener muy presente su solución de recuperación ante desastres: Beneficios de Zerto para recuperación de desastres. Enjoy!!!