Steve Giguere @_SteveGiguere_ of Aqua Security met with Gene Kim @RealGeneKim to discuss his personal experiences surrounding the core tenets of his new book the “Unicorn Project”, some of the difficulties as an author, and his experience with DevOps research. Gene Kim is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researcher, and multiple award-winning CTO. He […]

My links to install Redmine on Dockers in a Debian 10 box. Follow the links and you will have all the installation and configuration of Redmine with MySQL on two dockers containers. How To Install and Use Docker on Debian 10: The dockers installation on the Debian 10 box. How to install and User Docker-Compose […]

La aplicación SAR nos permite monitorizar el estado de nuestra máquina Linux, así como del estado de los recursos en base a cuellos de botella, problemas de rendimiento o simplemente mejora del estado de los servicios en general. Para ello incluyo varios comandos básicos para revisión de nuestros sistemas: Instalación en Debian: sudo apt-get install […]

Tips to know the version of your operative system. Example in Linux: Open a terminal program (get to a command prompt) and type uname -a. This will give you your kernel version, but might not mention the distribution your running. To find out what distribution of linux your running (Ex. Ubuntu) try lsb_release -a or […]

This is my notes, links and videos about iptables. Please, send me your informatio to upgrae the site. Concepts of iptables: Types of tables: Filter: Contains the built in chains for inputs, forwards and outputs: INPUT – packages destined for local sockets FORWARD – packets routed through the system OUTPUT – packets generated locally Nat: is consulted when […]

I like to watch the big speeachs of people who have passed to the history like important politics, right activists or leaders. In this space I would like to save this kind of speeches to enjoy with them. Videos:

You know my interest in the podcasts and this is other of my favorites one. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP and running for President of the United States in 2016, explain us the in her podcast how to leadership an organization or teams. Every episode Carly talks with a important man or woman about […]