We are crazy, man!!! Or What are the languages of Wikipedia?

I’ve been reading The Economist and I’ve found the number of articles in Wikipedia.

And, What is the second languages on the Wikipedia? The Cebuano.

Cebuano is the lingua franca of the Central Visayas, western parts of Eastern Visayas, some western parts of Palawan and most parts of Mindanao. The name Cebuano is derived from the island of Cebu, which is the original locus of the language.[11][12]Cebuano is also the primary language in Western Leyte — noticeably in Ormoc, and in other municipalities surrounding the city; most of the residents in the area refer to the Cebuano language by their own demonyms, for example, as “Ormocanon” in Ormoc, and as “Albuerahanon” in Albuera.[13] Cebuano is assigned the ISO 639-2 three-letter code ceb, but not a ISO 639-1 two-letter code.

But, Who is writing in Cebuano in the wikipeida?

Oh man!!! We are crazy!!!


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