First Call Resolution Tips for Your Service Desk Team

Very interesting Will Brown’s article about First Call Resolution (FCR). If you are working in a departament of Service Desk I recomend you read it:

First Call Resolution (FCR) has been and continues to be a hot topic amongst any call center team. It is one of the primary goals of any organization seeking to assist customers with issues and services. We want to increase customer satisfaction and ensure that they are helped quickly and effectively the first time they call or chat with us.

This is important for our customers. Put yourself in their position as you think about issues they are having. We’ve all experienced it when we’ve called our cable company or had issues with a package being delivered. We just need our problem to be fixed. Quickly. We don’t want to be on hold for twenty minutes, passed from technician to technician, or called back later while we discuss the issue with a coworker or management. We want it fixed now.

That being said, here a few tips that I brainstormed on ways to improve FCR on my Service Desk: …

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