IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions (Summary)


The best solution to migrate your infrastructures to a public cloud is IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

With three flavors, IBM offer the possibility to integrate your Data Center in hybrid environment easily and fast.

You can select from:

  • VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud: Standardized compute virtualization service that combines IBM Cloud bare metal servers with VMware vSphere and vCenter to provision and manage your virtual machines.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud: Standardized software-defined data center (SDDC) solution that brings together IBM Cloud infrastructure and VMware vSphere, vSAN, NSX and SDDC Manager for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.
  • VMware vSphere on IBM Cloud: Customizable virtualization service that combines VMware-compatible bare metal servers, hardware components, and licenses, to build your own IBM-hosted VMware environment.

To help you to compare the three options, from we’ve created the next document with a summary of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions:


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