Install a Free OS on a Bare Metal in Softlayer

In this post I’d like to include links, videos, information and experiences about the installation of a Bare Metal Server in Softlayer with a different OS than the cloud provider offer in it portal.

Why?, because in some installations I need other functionalities than the typical distributions haven’t. For Example, a Firewall with VyOs o pfSense.

Firts Stage – Links with  Information

In this paragraph I include links of information about No OS Baremetals, mount ISOs or IPMI on Softlayer.

Second Stage – Videos

Links to Eamonn Killian’s videos about “Load your Own OS”. Excellence  work explain step-by-step all the process.

The first two videos are essentials to understand all the procedure. The next videos, interesting too, explain the installation of CoreOs operating system.

  1. SoftLayer – Tutorial Sixteen – Part 1 – Load your own OS
  2. SoftLayer – Tutorial Sixteen – Part 2 – Load your own OS
  3. SoftLayer – Tutorial Sixteen – Part 3A – Load your own OS
  4. SoftLayer – Tutorial Sixteen – Part 3B – Load your own OS
  5. SoftLayer – Tutorial Sixteen – Part 4 – Load your own OS

Third Stage – Other Information

Here I’ll include my experiences and miscellaneous of information.


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