User friendly experience to sync Lotus Notes Calendar With iOS (Or Not!!!)

I’m not friend of Lotus Notes, but is my corporative eMail. And I like use my iPhote to: Telephones, Calendars, Notes, …

Two dais ago, I had found a method to sync my Lotus Notes calendar with iOS.

You must download the aplication Lotus Notes to Google Calendar Synchronizer (LNGS), actually the version v2.4, from SourceForge, just unzip all files into whatever location you prefer and double click lngsync.vbs to run the application in GUI mode.

Configure the application (very easy with the Detect Lotus Settings button):


and then press Synchronize in the Perform Sync Tab.

The application will create a New Google Calendar with the name “Lotus Notes” and will sync the Lotus Notes Calendar Entries.

Now we have the firts step of the process, upload the calendar to google, but now we need acces to this calendar from the iphone.

For the second configuration, we can read Sync Google Calendar with your iOS device in the Google Calendar Support site.

Very Easy, Or Not!!!




One comment

  1. Hey, why don’t you just use IBM Notes Traveler? Native sync from Lotus Notes to iOS, Android and Windows Phone …

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