How dirty is your data?

He descubierto mediante noticias de centros de datos que GreenPeace publicó en Abril del 2011 el documento How dirty is your data? A Look at the Energy Choices That Power Cloud Computing.

Documento el cual intenta dar luz a la huella energética en los centros de datos.

Os dejo el siguiente resumen:

Throughout this report, we attempt to shed light on the state of the cloud’s energy footprint by examining available information about IT companies and their data centres. First, we have attempted to explain and summarise the problem through examples of data centre investment and a graded analysis of the infrastructure choices of leading cloud companies.We also assessed best practices and leading footprint mitigation strategies. Finally, we have included some key recommendations for a sector that wishes to be seen as green and transformative, but is coming up short on it’s transparency and energy choices.

El resto, en el link del documentillo.


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