Maintaining mission critical systems in a 24/7 environment

Maintaining mission critical systems in a 24/7 environment

Mission Critical” refers to ultra-high reliability and availability requirements for electrical and mechanical systems that must meet stringent operating criteria to maintain continuous functionality and minimize costly unscheduled downtime. Every facility that sustains business operations must possess some degree of power protection equipment. With the growth of e-commerce and 24/7 business operations, mission-critical facilities engineering is a burgeoning market. This book offers a superior all-inclusive reference and training guide to the operation, management, and maintenance of all types of mission-critical equipment.

* Páginas : 484
* Editorial : John Wiley & Sons
* Idioma : Inglés
* Fecha de Publicación : 01/04/2007
* ISBN: 978-0-471-68374-2
* Encuadernación : Cartoné
* Nº Volúmenes : 1
* País de Publicación : Reino Unido (INGLATERRA)
* Lugar de Publicación : West Sussex

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